Alessio Castellacci • Voicescaping


Saturday 6th of May | 20.00                                              

Voicescaping —  Rhythms | Textures


You are invited to join an intimate space of listening, where I follow impulses and see how they ask to be organized into pulsations and textural conglomerates. It is a sound-contemplative practice, which does not take as much into account the dramaturgical, the narrative, the performative, but rather focuses on tuning in the music of the human voice on a primal level.


Alessio Castellacci is a performer and sound composer based in Berlin. He teaches his approach to voice & movement improvisation “the synesthetic voice”, which combines his studies in developmental psychology, contemporary dance and music composition/sound design. He collaborates as a performer, sound composer and voice coach with different artists in Berlin and abroad. He is the initiator of the yearly training programs SMASH Berlin and The World is Sound (TWIS). As a music producer, he is part of the ambient duo Morphield with guitarist Christian Grothe and produces chill-out downtempo under the moniker Gaia Waves.


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