The Audience As Predator

Stagefright/ Lampenfieber Workshop

“You find yourself in front of an audience, believing that what you are doing is not interesting or doesn’t merit attention. Perhaps you begin to feel ashamed, or sad, or small. Precisely at that instant comes a great opportunity: you can empty out at that instant, you can see your judgment as simply another element in the landscape of actions— you can find yourself in the moment.”

Have you ever found yourself in front of a group of people and started to stumble? Didn’t know what to say or where to put your hands? Felt your heart race when it was your turn to go up on front of the class? Found yourself speechless, palms sweating too much and you couldn’t breath?
The Audience As Predator workshop grabs onto the topic of stagefright/ Lampenfieber. You discover how your brain instantaneously seeks safety the habit in “dangerous” situations, how the self fabricates judgment from an outside source (the audience/ Zuschauern) to get rid of insecurity. Through a series of playful individual and group Action Theater™ improvisation practices, you will learn to turn the often intense fears of being seen and/or judged into useful resources, harness your personal dragons and dance in the fires of your fear.

This workshop is specifically for beginners to the stage, those who have trouble speaking in public and/or anybody else who has difficulty staying present while being watched or seen.

Dancers, actors, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, business people, public speakers, graphic designers, visual artists, coaches, therapists and many others have benefited tremendously from this work and applied it directly in their own field.