Trinidad Martínez Group • Dienstag


Friday 5th of May | 20.00                                              


Ensmble w/ Ursula Sapel, Anne Wirth, Susanne Wehowsky, Juliette Maggu and Trinidad Martínez

Ursula says that the word “Dienstag” says already so much. I love that. I love dancing and drinking coffee with my friends. – I love the silence and the sound. You and you and I and we. – I feel it is about that, of course. But to put it into words, for me, I find it difficult.



Trinidad Martínez (Cartagena, Spain) is a freelance choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. She lives in Hamburg. She has being co- directing and teaching the improvisation festival inesperadamente. She teaches regular dance classes in Hamburg as well as intensive workshops in Spain. She collaborates with Ingo Reulecke, Katharina Oberlik, Yolanda Gutiérrez and Antje Pfundtner. In 2007 she went to the United States on a Fulbright Fellowship to expand her knowledge of dance improvisation. She spent a big part of this time in Seattle. Here she worked with the companies Degenerate Art Ensemble and Pat Graney Dance Company. Although she starts dancing when she was 7 years old, her main education was at the “Centre de Danse International Rosella Hightower” in Cannes, France. It is a priority for her to keep learning, investigating and training; staying curious about dance, art and life. She practices Aikido regularly since 2003 (1 Dan, Aikikai, Tokyo) and meditates on a daily base.



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