Streugut – Ensemble Improvisation

08 May 2016 • Sunday  • 20:00 • 10€/8€*

Now! Festival Special Price • 290€ for all workshops & shows


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In Streugut, we slam several media together: movement, speech, voice and a musical instrument. We all come from varied trainings; our approach and understanding of how to express a feeling state, mood, attitude and/or vibration differs. We find common ground in the shared ability to listen, sense and pay attention. Whether it is a flash of movement, or a repeated phrase, we notice each other, following the sound and dynamic of the room or the music of the improvisation.


Martin Clausen – voice, performance  |  Alexander Frangenheim – double bass  |  Ingo Reulecke – dance  |  Sten Rudstrøm – voice, performance  |  Zufit Simon – dance

Martin Clausen www.mclausenundkollegen.com
Alexander Frangenheim www.frangenheim.de
Ingo Reulecke www.ingoreulecke.com
Sten Rudstrøm www.stenrudstrom.com

Lighting Design/Technician: Emse Csornai

| Mime Centrum Berlin
Sunday 8 of May | 20.00 Streugut — Ensemble Improvisation

10€/8€* with valid Student ID or Tanzcard

Information & Reservation: nowfestival16@gmail.com

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