Duo Sauer | Schliemann • ThePureVoiceAndTheDifferentDrum


Saturday 6th of May | 20.00                                              

ThePureVoiceAndThe DifferentDrum  • Duo Sauer | Schliemann

Duet w/ Silvia Suaer and Wolfgang Schliemann

With voice and percussions the Duo Sauer | Schliemann draws a musical bow from crude archaic intensity to impressive musical delicacy. Their improvisational collaboration started 2013, also occasionally performing with Eiko Yamada (recorder) und Susanne Resch (saxophone) as ‘SSYR – Systerhood of Breath meets Percussion Syrprise’.


Sauer-Schliemann_sw (2500x1875)Silvia Sauer is a singer, improviser and performer, fascinated by musically exploring the extent of expression and the facets of human voice. In the course of years her quest includes among others: jazz and world-music, live-performances of silent movies worldwide (by invitation of Goethe-Institutes), multimedia projects with dancers and musicians, collective free improvised music and humorous solo-performances in variety theaters with her loop-station (s.c. ‘voice-theater’). She integrates this wide range of music genres in her personal artistic style of expression and improvisation, which is characterized as a free, undogmatic and playful bridging of boundaries. www.silviasauer.de

Working as free-lancing percussionist on improvised/composed New Music, sound art and performance since the 1980s with activities in Germany and abroad, Wolfgang Schliemann constantly developed individual musical idioms focusing on sound besides rhythm. The extension of techniques and instrumentation relates to his radical maxim >any sound can be turned into music<, thereby increasingly working intermedia (e.g. with dance and visual arts). Performances with numerous working ensembles (currently WIE?!, TOOLBOX Quartet, SSYR, Graf Hammermann, USW, SCHLagtrio, Autochthon a.o.) as well as ad hoc with many players/performers of the European improvisation scene. Various publications on CD.                                 ws@humanoise.de



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