Performance Tactics

Ensemble Improvisation Training

06-18 February 2017 • Berlin, Germany

Performance Tactics is a 10 day improvisational ensemble performance project. Participants immediately begin improvising together on the first day and continue to build ensemble performance skills each day. You learn how to compose, support & enhance your partners’ work, as well as, add punch to the ensemble choreography. How and when to enter the performance space will be articulated; how to generate the most impact spatially — where to stop moving, when to change body level, shape & facing, whether to shift frames or not; copying, bulking & shadowing will be distinguished. Additional to improvisation, there will be directing and composition sections. You will learn to contribute to the on-going liveliness of each improvisation. Essential tools for clarity & commitment on stage and sharp performances.

The workshop concludes with two evening length public performances. Each evening’s performance is composed to two 30 minute improvisations. Coaching with notes and suggestions takes place after each session.

475 / 400 € * if registered and paid in full by 13.01.2017

Workshop limited to 12 participants.

Application deadline: 23 January 2017.

Please send CV and letter of interest to: info@stenrudstrom.com