Sten Rudstrøm • The ABC’s of Action Theater™

The ABC’s of Action Theater™ – Intro to Action Theater™                               

Tuesday 2nd of May | 9.30 – 12.00



Action Theater™ is a training system in physical theater improvisation that builds vocal, verbal, and physical performance skills, hones awareness and increases expressive range. The practice is an active play in embodied presence that constantly harvests the imagination. We are reunited with the interior world that causes us to live at our fullest reach. Trainings explore both solo and ensemble through exercises that are simple, playful and challenging. Every exercise expresses the relationship between attention, awareness, and action. We engage the mind and heart simultaneously, building solid improvisational skills, and uncovering another sense of freedom


Sten Rudstrom has been working in the field of improvisation for the last 30 years. He teaches and performs internationally, founded the improvisation group EAT (Sabine von der Tann, Andres Noormets, Kate Hilder, and Peter Krempelsetzer) and is, also, a member of Streugut (Ingo Reluecke, Zufit Simon, Martin Clausen, and Alexander Frangenheim). In 1986, he met Ruth Zaporah, is one of the few Certified Senior Teachers and has continued to work with Action Theater™ since that time. With Satu Palokangas, he has developed The Core of Expression, a somatics and improvisation embodiment training that is currently touring internationally. His workshops are inspiring, exciting and challenging.


Wednesday 3rd of May | 20.00

Now We Are One

Duet w/ Peter Krempelsetzer

Friday 5th of May | 20.00


Ensemble w/ Streugut

Together Again

Ensemble w/ EAT


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