Jenny Haack • Engaging with Time


Tuesday 2. May | 13 – 15:30

Engaging with Time


In this workshop we explore the different layers and textures of movement, connecting inner and outer sources of stimulation with our compositional mind. We engage in spiral and linear movement, rotation from the joints, folding and unfolding, connecting peripheral movement of the body with central and spinal movement, engaging with complex or simple/ pedestrian movement. We open up to and face the scales of timing, dynamics, direction and the tune (atmosphere) in the movement.

A central focus in this two day workshop is engaging with time: How can we make use of stillness in performance, composing with pause as a counterpart for action?

This workshop fosters skills for solo improvisation as well a base for collaboration.


JH_sw_smallJenny Haack studied New Dance and Improvisation at Bewegungsart School Freiburg (1997-99). Throughout her career, she has practiced various movement and dance techniques such as Contact Improvisation and Butoh. A broad movement palette of expression is her core focus as an artist. She holds a Bachelors and Masters degree of Fine Arts in performance and video. Since 1996 she has been producing and presenting her own projects as well as in collaboration with other artists. Her artistic work has received international recognition, awards, grants and honors.



Thursday, 04.05.17, 20:00


Movement Solo


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