Jaya Härtlein, Dancing The Unknown


Dancing The Unknown

Tuesday 2nd of May | 15.45 – 18.15


What occurs in the mind and body when we improvise? By noticing sensations and thoughts as they come and go, we will become more sensitive to body/mind. In our exercises and practice, our full availability for whatever passes through us will coincide with a clear attentiveness to the choices we make in each moment.

How do we notice and observe the mind during improvisation? Can we be with the fullness of ideas and sensations, flowing ceaselessly, not running after them, but allowing ourselves to remain relaxed and open? Are we able to trust, let things reveal themselves in their own time and choose lightly?

Stillness and movement both play an important part in improvisation. Knowing that the next moment has already arrived without us grasping for it helps us stay present. All we need to do is notice.

Improvisation encourages us to listen to ourselves and research how we respond to ourselves and each other in performance and in life.

This workshop is open to those with or without previous experience in improvisation.

17NOWJayaJaya Härtlein brings more than 35 years of meditation experience to her practice and teaching of improvisation. She first completed a physical theatre training (Jacques Lecoq) in Italy, then discovered freer and more spontaneous approaches to performance and theatre while living in the UK. Since 2008 she has trained in improvisation with Al Wunder, Andrew Morrish and John Britton, as well as Action Theatre™ with Kate Hilder.

She continues her practice of Buddhist meditation as a student of James Low, and explores the daily meeting point of physical and contemplative practice.



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