Klebert • Manipulation — Intentional Touch in Improvisation


Manipulation — Intentional Touch in Improvisation

Friday, 05.05.17, 13:00 – 15:30


In movement improvisation outright manipulation (mani-pulation – to move something with your hands to a certain place) i.e. intentional gripping and pushing or pulling another person often is frowned upon. For good reasons, that is. In this workshop, however, we will break this rule and play with intentional physical manipulation. We will explore possible reactions, be it anticipating, resisting, or totally giving in, as well as energies and moods that come with manipulation. Eventually we will add language and explore dramaturgical possibilities of this work.

Klebert_by_Nadja Meister_IMG_7521Klebert started to work on theater and movement improvisation in 1990. Major impacts: Carpa Theater, Miguel Gaspar, Ruth Zaporah, Andrew Morrish, Sten Rudstrom, Julyen Hamilton, Nina Martin.

Founded Performance Ensemble D.O.C.H. in 1993, was part of Carpa Theater 1998 – 2012 and of the First Lower Austrian Impro Combo 2011 – 2015. Solo performing since 2014, teaching theater improvisation in and around Vienna and elsewhere. In Now Festival 2017 he will perform together with Oliver Angel.             www.klebert.at



Wednesday 3rd of May | 20.00    

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Duet w/ Oliver Angel


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