Yuko Kaseki, Intensity & Reduction


Intensity & Reduction

Thursday, 04.05.17, 15:45-18:15


The workshop’s emphasis is to develop original movement through body awareness, sensitivity, and also discover hidden dynamic energy. Physical training is based on Noguchi gymnastics, elements of Tai-Chi Dao-yin and Butoh methodology. We practice for the whole body to be permeable and awake deeper layers of sensitivity. The workshop offers the possibility to seek and experience in solo, duet and group improvisations with image, element, space, and relationship. Through intensity and reduction everyone can dive deeply into stillness/movement and translate it into individual manifestations.

17NOWyuko2Yuko Kaseki is a Butoh dancer, performer, improviser, choreographer and teacher, based in Berlin. Her Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed internationally. These works are poetic and vivid imaginal performance incorporate spirit of Butoh, performing art including social view.
She has organized and performed the improvisation series “AMMO-NITE GIG Vol.1-48.” since 2004. Her emphasis is placed more on experimental, existence in momentum and relationship with sound, space and audience. Numerous international collaboration such as inkBoat (San Francisco), Tableau Stations (San Francisco), CAVE (New York), Poema Theatre (Moscow), Theater Thikwa (Berlin) and others.



Dance: Yuko Kaseki, Music: Antonis Anissegos

Thursday 4th of May | 20.00

The duo KAYA was formed in 2005
and is following the desire of
extending the moment of sensitivity in time and space,
to feel the invisible touch and smell,
to awaken the dreams,
to be guided by the magical force.


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